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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> in the news this saturday morning, about a million people are expected to crowd into san francisco today for all kinds of events. up next a live report on what to expect, including some pretty pricey parking. only on 7, cell phone robberies are on the increase in san francisco as thieves get more brazen. we will show you exclusive video of the crooks in action. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney.
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don't tell me there's nothing to do today. let's check the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. here's a look at the roof camera where we have partly cloudy conditions around most of the bay, but the fog is dense from santa rosa, napa, marijuana county. so be careful. visibility has been reduced. but this afternoon we will get into partly cloudy skies. it should be nice out there. but you will need the jacket, sunglasses. numbers in the mid-60s at our shoreline, across the bay upper 60s by the afternoon. inland east bay should see mid-70s, then we will quickly cool after the sun sets. it should be a nice afternoon. looks like a repeat performance for sunday. we do have a system lurking offshore that wants to bring in a few rain drops. i'll tell you when and how much coming up. >> thank you. you might have heard the roar this week. get ready for much more as the blue angels take to the skies to
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headline the fleet week airshow. >> they showed off their aerobatic maneuvers in practice yesterday and zoomed by in their signature diamond formation. if you want to catch the airshow, the action goes from noon to four, both today and tomorrow. a word of advice, get to your viewing location early because this is just one of many bay area events expected to draw huge crowds this weekend. all together, 1 million people expected in san francisco to drive, boat or bart into the city to take part with the high profile events. along with the blue angels, you have the america cup world series along the embarcadero, the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. the giants have playoff games at 6:30. both tonight and tomorrow the castro street fair, the italian heritage parade tomorrow. abc7 news reporter cornell is live this morning on how to get where you want to go. that's good information. >> who says there's in the enough to do in san francisco, right, teary? so many events, so many people. as you see, we are live here on
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the marina green, soon-to-be the center of it all for events like america cup's yacht racing. here you see the event tents already set up. and fleet week action with the blue angels. of course, it will all mean gridlock on the roads where there will be lane closers on the embark dear row. and don't forget the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. thousands of people expected to go in as well. some say they are feeling lucky, they will bring the car into the city. others will let muni do the driving. >> we are just going to drive and get here early and get a good spot and camp out. >> i live in the glen park neighborhood so sometimes i just take 44 bus up to the top of the hill. from there it's all downhill. >>.
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>> we are pleading with people to take public transportation if you can do it. and pack your patience, as well. abc7 news. >> cornell, thanks very much. at under see it on tv we have an interactive map to several of the big events in san francisco. all you have to do is click on the ones you are going to and we will show you how to get there by using public transportation. we have that map telling you where to go and you can get around that way. not only that, but if you do have to drive, and that's if you do have to drive, the waze traffic app can guide you around san francisco, get you around the traffic and get you where you want to go. slash waze. new this morning, the anti-war protest also going to draw a crowd for a rally.
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it's on powell and market streets. it starts at noon. from there they will mark to grand hyatt hotel. >> there was a shooting late last night. 21-year-old christopher baker was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds when they arrived shortly before 1:30 last night. one was pronounced dead at the scene. >> one person dead and another recovering after a shooting in east oakland. police placed at least two dozen evidence markers on birch street to mark the shell casings that were found there. no arrests have been made. it happened shortly after 9:00 last night. carlos vazquez told us it was his wife who first her the gunshots and told everyone to get down. no one was hurt, just scared. a pedestrian is dead this
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morning after being hit by a car on highway 87 in san jose. the accident happened about 8:00 last night. it was near san carlos street. three lanes of traffic had to be shut down, as well as on ramp to guadalupe parkway. they don't know why the pedestrian was walking on that stretch of roadway. this morning residents of a south haywood neighborhood are shaken as police investigate an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead. it happened near tree view elementary school. sky 7hd was overhead as investigators gathered evidence in and around a dark-colored sedan. police say the car was reported stolen. when they told the occupant to show his hands, the man reached for a weapon and was shot. the unidentified victim died later at the hospital. cell phone robberies are becoming an epidemic. san francisco police will tell you it's happening everywhere on the street and on muni buses. we have video to show you just how easy it is for the thieves.
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here is vic lee. >> there were more than 4,000 robberies in san francisco between january and august. police say about half of them targeted cell phones. many of the thefts were on muni. >> his palms are a little sweaty. you see how he brushes his pants. >> this officer has seen a lot of muni security camera videos. he showed several of them exclusively to abc7 news. >> he's checking the door, making sure, it's got to be clear because he doesn't want her or anybody to stop him. >> the woman in the bottom of the screen has been preoccupied with her smartphone the entire trip. the thief that will steal it is sitting right behind her, keeping a close eye on his surroundings and the prize. >> he's looking at the door again, making sure there's nobody that's going to get in the way. he's look at her phone. she's completely oblivious. >> the bus is about to stop. the robber is getting ready. watch carefully because it happens quickly. he snatches the phone from her hand and runs off the bus.
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here it is again. the whole thing happens in a split second. >> you should be looking up every single time that bus is about to come to a complete stop. >> some robbers are even more brazen. check this one out. he's dressed in a black hoodie, standing by the door. the woman, who is about to become a victim, is wearing a white knit cap. she's talking on her cell phone. the officer said the m.o. is almost always the same. he snatches the phone right out of her hand, even as she's talking. the officer says it's easy to prevent becoming a victim. >> just take a moment. stop for a second and look around. see who is around you, who is standing by you. >> muni rider crystal harrington walked by our van as we were editing this story. we showed her the videos. her reaction? >> let me ask you, crystal, what do you think of the video? >> that is shocking. i can't even believe, it's so fast. and i do that all the time, sitting on the muni. >> so do a lot of other people
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we saw do that on the muni as we rode the buses. now the videos you saw were one-man jobs, but police say they are noticing a new m.o. where the robber is assisted by one or two others. when he steals the phone, his friends who are posing as passengers block the victim or anybody else from getting to him. bottom line, be aware of your surroundings. vic lee, abc7 news. salinas police will not charge a man who used his own gun to stop a robbery, killing one teenager suspect and wounding another in the process. the man sad he saw this mexican restaurant being robbed and got his gun out of his car. he watched the young men demand money from customers at gunpoint and began shooting when he saw his friend threatened. >> you know, he didn't have a way to protect himself so he felt that people were threatened and he needed to take matters into his own hands. he did a good thing. he was a good samaritan. >> someone drove the two 17-year-olds to the hospital.
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again, one teen died. the other is in critical condition. police say the good samaritan used a legal weapon in a legal manner. american airlines hopes the problem with seats coming lose is behind them. next, what the airline is saying about today's flight schedule after canceling dozens of flights yesterday. also ahead. >> local businesses are feeling the pinch of record-high gas prices. will they pass that cost on to you? [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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>> if you haven't filled up your gas tank in the past couple days, brace yourself. the price has jumped more than 40 cents at some stations, reaching five dollars a gallon. we show you how some people who depend on their cars to make a living are coping. >> i wouldn't say i have made ends meet yet. >> he drives a taxi in san jose. the recent record jump in gas prices is drastically cutting into his wages. he said drivers like him need relief. >> i'm hurting. in fact, i'm going to have to see the owner of the cab company next week and ask him if we can do something about a surcharge, you know, get it back somehow. >> that means passing the gas increase on to customers.
6:14 am
he says he pays $100 a day to lease his cab. he makes anywhere from nothing to maybe $300 a shift. he pays for gas. >> it's a straight 60 bucks. >> so even if you make $300 a night, $60 of that is going to go to gas? >> right away. >> the price for regular at this chevron station on bird avenue was $4.33 tuesday night and friday night it hit $4.69. a difference of 36 cents in four days. >> my jaw dropped when i looked at it right now. i could not believe it. >> jared filled his tank up two days ago. since then it's gone up 26 cents a gallon. >> will have to cut back on little luxuries, whether it be buying something online or those other extras at the grocery store. >> i have been able to pay the bills with the money, so eats enough for me to pay the bill. >> he's a student who delivers pizza in san jose. he gets $1.50 for each one he delivers using his own car and gas.
6:15 am
he's wondering how the new gases affect him. >> i'm not sure how much. i can find out because i'm filling up my tank. >> abc7 news. >> american airlines will be back in the air with all planes today. the airline cancelled 44 nights -- flights yesterday, including one from san francisco to miami. and that was on top of 50 scrapped on thursday because of seat problems of the seats coming lose from the floor. american said maintenance cruz -- cruise are installing a locking mechanism to make sure each seat stays put. american airlines getting back up in the skies. >> right now high definition emeryville, mid-50s, fog to the north and a sun-cloud mix for most of the weekend. i'll have your temperatures and the extended outlook coming up. >> all right. also larry beil has a controversy call in last night's wildcard game that left the field
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mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >> everybody is looking at lisa argen right now. later it they will be looking up in the skies. did i everybody tell you i went up with the blue angels once?
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>> no. >> i went up in the '80s and we went mach5. >> did you lose it? >> you mean did i get sick? >> yay. >> i did not. >> a young man then. >> yeah,fs young then. >> the '80s, come on, everybody was young, right? >> oh, yeah. i was feeling young, but not after that flight. go ahead, you were saying? >> we have the blue angels in town, among many other activities. golden gate bridge right now, very foggy. some areas around the bay looking at the dense fog. >> whoa. >> yeah. and it has improved in santa rosa. it's a quarter mile around novato. be careful. the airport is looking fine burks elsewhere no problems. we have the system offshore that continues to mix out most of the inversion. so we are only seeing a limited marine layer this morning. that's going to be the trend throughout the rest of the weekend. live doppler 7 hd look at the clouds on the peninsula, a few
6:20 am
around the south bay, but we will feature a lot of sunshine here in the santa clara valley. 46 in napa, as well as santa rosa. 54 san jose. a cool 50 on the coast right now with 60 in antioch. so we are looking at partly cloudy skies throughout the morning, the afternoon hours, and that sun-cloud mix staying with us due to a system that is parked offshore. now it will move this way, and when it does we are looking for some showers that will head really to the higher elevations of the east bay, the north bay, santa cruz mountains, and it's not going to happen until after the weekend. it's an upper level low. it's cut off from the main branch of the jet stream. but it is throwing up some higher clouds. it's also mechanics out that marine layer i talked about. that's the up side. that will allow for partly cloudy and slightly cooler than normal conditions. but look what happens here. by tuesday it begins to sink
6:21 am
south. much of the shower activity, if there is any central to southern california. in golden gate park you will have clouds around in the morning hours and low 60s for the bluegrass festival. so a little cool, but it should be nice out there. we are looking at more sunshine as you head south and east today. so upper 60s the warmer numbers to mid-70s from concord to livermore today. that's where you are going to see a pretty sunny afternoon. i think by the afternoon, marin, sonoma, napa, a few extra clouds. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies at time. look at the numbers along the coast. mild, mid-60s. that's what happens when the marine layer gets mixed out. 69 in santa cruz and starting out clear with low 70s from gilroy to salinas. the big show today, this afternoon, the blue angels, looking pretty mild too. from the golden gate bridge, the waterfront, mid-60s. it will take until the afternoon that we warm through the 60s. heading out a little foggy, a little cool to start out and then by 7:00 we quickly lose
6:22 am
that heat and we are looking at that sun setting at 6:44. and the game ton with 60s at 6:30. dropping through the 50s, so it will be cool for sure for the giants and the accuweather seven-day forecast, almost a repeat performance tomorrow. it may be a little bit more of a marine layer and then we look at the slight chance higher elevations monday and tuesday and looking fair and mild the rest of the work week. pretty quiet. the extended outlook shows maybe some more precip by next weekend. we will see. >> but that will be next weekend. this is the big weekend we are focusing on. >> that's right. >> thanks a lot. danny haren us joins us from new york now to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning to you, dan. ame is,
6:23 am
live our studio this morning. >> i know i'm going to laugh, i think i will laugh and cry during good morning america today. >> those are the responses we are hoping it elessity, terry. let me know. >> dan, thank you very much. look forward to your show.
6:24 am
>> thanks. >> the mayors of san francisco and cincinnati have placed a friendly wager on the giants versus reds tonight on at&t. edwards lee and mark mallory have agreed that the losing city will host a chili cook-off fundraiser at a local firehouse to benefit the winning city's youth sports programs. and today's wildcard, we are talking wildcard. larry beil brings us up-to-date with this morning's sports. >> good morning. here's the problem with the one-game playoff. you play 162 games to get one chance. and an umpire blows a call that kills you. it happened in the braves-cardinals game last night. in atlanta former president jimmy carter enjoying the action. you like this. yadier molina with a drive to right. jason heyward fighting the sun, back to the wall and makes the catch! spectacular concentration. top of the sixth, former a, matt holliday, solo homer off of kris medlen. 4-2, cardinals. meltdown in the eighth.
6:25 am
two on for atlanta. shortstop pete going out on the pop-up. holliday comes in. the ball drops they called the infield fly rule so the batter is automatically out. instead of bases loaded, one out, two men on, two outs. fans throw trash on the field. the braves protested the game that was immediately denied but it was just the wrong call. after a 19-minute delay, jason motte strikes out bourn to end the ending. cardinals win the gail, 6-3. they will face the nationals in the nl division series. they enjoy champagne while this ended up being the final game of chipper jones career. >> that call right there, it's kind of a gray area. you know, i don't know. but i'm not willing to say that that particular call, you know, cost us the ballgame. ultimately three errors cost us the ballgame. >> buck showalter and his surprising orioles looking to advancing over the free falling texas rangers. baltimore led in the seventh.
6:26 am
mccleod, two rbis. 3-1. rangers got the tieing run at the plate in the ninth. two down. david murphy flies out. orioles win, 5-1. they will face the yankees in the american league division series. matt cain will face reds ace john cute tonight at atkins and park. mccain has been the giants best start pitcher this year. >> it's an honor and something i'm excited about, throwing game one. but it's something that i'm also trying to stay even keel with, thinking i have to go out there and make another start. >> the a's will send rookie jared parker to start game one of their series against the tigers. that's a 3:00 p.m. pacific start. the task for parker, out duel the reigning mvp and cy young winner justin verlander and get miguel cabrera.
6:27 am
>> they are a dangerous lineup, obviously. they have a guy who won the triple crown and they have austin jackson leading off. they have a lot of weapons and great hitters and great players. we have to stay within ourselves and do the same thing we have done all year. >> don't forget, we have college football this afternoon on abc7. nebraska versus ohio state. a 5:00 p.m. kickoff followed by all the football and baseball highlights on lexus after the game at 8:30. hope to see you then. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> this afternoon, as you know, the blue angels will be wowing about a million people up in the air. up next, where some lucky fans got one-on-one time with the navy's best, for maybe it's the blue grass festival drawing to you san francisco this
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perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. the blue angels, what are they doing on the ground? oh, they are signing autographs for adoring fans in san francisco last night. [airplanes roaring] >> today they will take to the skies performing for hundreds of thousands of people along san francisco waterfront and all over the bay area, all for fleet week. the blue angels will be san francisco's biggest draw this weekend, but there are a number of other major events taking place around the bay area. all kinds of them. abc7 news reporter cornell
6:31 am
bernard live on the embarcadero. -- on the marina green. he's going to be joining us later in the newscast. we will get it figured out. is he here now? cornell, you have to be ready for these things. you are having too much fun. what's going on? >> so many people coming into the city this weekend and so many events. they are all headed here to the marina green. as you see the america's cup tents are now set up for the yacht racing action a little bit later today. of course, there is the amazing blue angels. they will take to the sky at 3:00 p.m. lots of stunt pilots performing before them, warming up the crowd. of course, it will bring a lot of people into the city. expect a lot of lane closers on the embarcadero. the commander of the blue angels says he justify hopes everyone has a great time and enjoys the show.
6:32 am
>> of course, the chp says if you are coming into the city, probably not a good idea. leave your car at home. there's lots of public transportation, the fairies, bart, muni, and if you can do it, leave your car at home and take a bike if you can because lots of action here in the marina green. in fact, all four corners of san francisco. live in the marina green, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. he got there early, he has the best seat in town. and thousands more here at golden gate park. ♪ lease argen dancing in the weather center right now. it's a gift to san francisco. this year 90 acts spread across three days and all free. assuming you can get there and if you get there in a car, finding a parking place, good luck.
6:33 am
in the past it's been a mellow, very well-run scene. mr. hellman who was an investor, philanthropist, he appreciated that and we spoke with his daughter, judy, backstage. >> he was a humble man, self-deprecating, actually. >> here we are. how many people are coming this weekend? >> i would say 200,000 people probably will filter through here. that could be an underestimate. >> well, between the giants and fleet week and hardly strictly blue grass and all the festivals going on, you might call it the perfect storm for pleasure. at under see it on tv we have an interactive map to several events in san francisco. just click on the ones you are going to and we are going to show you how to get there by using public transportation and that's how you can save gas. if you do have to drive, the waze traffic app can drive
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you around the gridlock. download it at the new unemployment numbers are out and they are taking some of the wind out of the sails of mitt romney presidential campaign. the numbers yesterday show businesses created 114,000 new jobs around the country last month. lower than previous months, but the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%, the best it's been in four years. it changes the political conversation from the president's debate performance to the improving economy. more on that with mark matthews. >> good morning. >> in san francisco, one sign of an improving economy, shoppers lined up around the block for the opening of the clothing store. >> i feel like we have picked up in the economy. but i don't know. i don't know for the rest of the country. >> the labor department statistics show the rest of the country is also improving 114,000 new jobs added in september. the revised numbers for july and
6:35 am
august show 86,000 more jobs than originally reported, taking away a favorite line of mitt romney's stump speech. >> we've had 43 straight months of unemployment above 8%. >> romney supporters are now questioning the new labor numbers. >> i wouldn't bet my mortgage on the numbers being correct. >> but the fact the president's approval rating has been climbing, suggests that people feel more hopeful. >> the more cranes you see around town, it's a sign the economy is boosting. >> it's going to get better. it's stabilizing. >> he's been selling flowers at union square for 66 years. he's not a supporter of obama but he sees what is happening on the street. >> the worst is over. >> for the president, the new numbers shift the attention away from his lackluster debate performance and on what is the biggest issue in this election. >> more americans entered the workforce and more people are getting jobs. >> he said jobs may be low wage,
6:36 am
they may be part-time, but at least they are there. >> it's slowly coming back. it will take a couple more years. >> in presidential elections we have seen it is the direction of the economy that moves voters and there is one more reporting period before election day. the october numbers will be out november 2nd, four days before the election. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> more than 500 jobs are going to be available at the next abc7 job journal hire event held at the hilton garden inn in emeryville. for more information go to our website under see it on tv. new this morning, president obama and the first lady are planning to spend today celebrating the 20th wedding anniversary he put aside when it fell on the day of the denver debate. the president seen campaigning in ohio, will be in san francisco monday night for a fundraising concert and rally.
6:37 am
in his weekly address he called on republicans in congress to work with democrats on a plan to cut taxes for 98% of americans and a bill to help families refinance their homes at lower interest rates. >> congress needs to step up and provide every responsible homeowner a chance to save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at lower rates. i gave them a plan to do that back in february. it's a plan that has the support of independent, nonpartisan economists and leaders across the housing industry. >> for the gop, republican national committee chairman rence priebus said obama's economic plans repeats the same failed policy that is have buried the middle class the past four years. for more on the skyrocketing gas prices. an organization representing independent gas stations made a move that could have brought prices down for everyone. nannette miranda is in sacramento with the story.
6:38 am
>> to bring down high gasoline prices, the california independent markers oil association, which represents independent station operators, filed for a waiver with state regulators asking that they able to sell winter blend fuel now. the annual switch from the more complicated summer formula to the easier and faster-to-make winter blend doesn't officially happen until october 30th. >> allowing winter gasoline to be used sooner in california will certainly provide additional supply very quickly, and that would help the prices. >> but the wheels of government run slowly. the u.s. epa rarely grants state waivers. the last one was after hurricane katrina. because california has special restrictions to ensure we have the cleanest gasoline in the world, the state must sign off first. >> you have another layer of government activity that has to take place legally. >> as painful as the prices are, not everyone thinks california
6:39 am
should switch to winter blend so soon when temperatures can still be on the high side. just this week parts of the state suffered through a heat wave when summer fuels can help fight off health damaging pollution. >> the cleaner gasoline is a key control measure. it cuts the emission that is causes smog and sends people to hospitals and emergency rooms. >> with the exxon mobile torrence factory back on line, supplies should increase. wholesale prices dropped 40 to 50 cents, but it won't be reflected at the pump until next week, so expect prices to stay high a few more days. long-term, the oil industry said california needs to expand infrastructure, build nor refineries, pipeline and storage, but that's not as easy as it seems. >> the difficulty is californians generally love their environment and don't want to have facilities that they perceive to be degrading that
6:40 am
environment. on the other hand, they want to have cheap gas. so this is a conflict. >> there is no timeline to make a decision on that state aware waiver. state regulators have had the request for three days. abc7 news. >> trouble in china for apple's new i-phone 5. thousands are workers are on strike over strict working conditions. a live look out from our roof cam. a gorgeous, fantastic day coming up for the blue angels and everything
6:41 am
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a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> right now an oakland man who believes he was denied a transplant because of his illegal immigration status is recovering with a new kidney. the 35-year-old man waited seven years before getting a kidney last week. hospital officials explained the holdup was his financial situation because post-op care is expensive and necessary. the clinic agreed to provide him free aftercare, which put him back on the recipient list. a warning from health officials in contra costa county where a 34-year-old man has died from rabies. it happened earlier this year after he was bitten by a bat. he began experiencing symptoms while vacationing in thailand in june. he died in the hospital in switzerland the following month. but health officials say he was bitten somewhere in the southern part of contra costa county. >> a bat was flopping on the ground and acting weird.
6:44 am
another individual picked up the bat with a plastic bag. the gentleman who died of rabies went over and stuck his hand in the plastic bag and most likely was batten. >> most rabies infections are caused by bites and once symptoms begin, rabies is almost always fatal among humans. thousands of workers at a factory in china that makes the apple i-phone 5 went on strike to protest overly-strict working conditions. the group called china labor watch reports workers at a fox-conn factory were given almost impossible standards to meet and they were denied vacation time. last month workers at a different factory rioted. the company contracts with apple to produce a new i-phone that's in heavy demand. so far there's no comment on the strike from apple or fox conn. >> this is going to be a very interesting day in san francisco. they are talking about a million people coming in to join the people who are already here, and that's going to be wild
6:45 am
everywhere. >> yeah. good thing the fog is going to clear on out over the golden gate bridge. we do have some low fog and cool temperatures. here's vollmer peak. nice and clear east and partly cloudy skies south. i will have the more on that and the temperatures when we come back. >> we have heard what the apple loyalists have said about apple i-ph
6:46 am
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6:48 am
>> before we get to weather i want to tell you about breaking fuse. a bus crash. a bus headed from canada to new jersey. 60 people were on board and we are hearing of a number of injuries. we don't have reports of any fatalities yet but 60 people on board the bus. it crashed near wainwright, new jersey, coming down from canada. we will have more on that as the information begins to come in. lisa argen, pressure on you. people want to look up and see the blue jay, look out and see strictly blue grass. the vegetarian festival in golden gate park and the pressure is on! >> we've had a few clouds and that's due to a system lingering offshore. it will stay with us over the weekend. but we are managing a
6:49 am
nice-looking fast. as you head outside, the golden gate bridge. yeah, there's fog there. also north of here we are looking at novato some fog, down to a quarter mile visibility. santa rosa improved you up to four miles. they were down to a half-mile. the airport is looking fine across the bay, no problem sun coming up at 7:10. isn't this pretty. this is mt. tam. from mill valley and you have the clearer conditions. it's really right along the coast with the lower cloud deck. we will have some high clouds and that's all due to an upper level low that continues to sit offshore. live doppler 7 hd this morning, picking up a few clouds along the san mateo coast. also into the south bay. and a live sweep on top of mount saint helena. you can so it now. by monday and tuesday, could be picking up a few raindrops, but mainly over the higher elevations. we are backing off on the rain chances coming into the bay tomorrow. not tomorrow, but monday and tuesday. the upper level will change
6:50 am
course. we will show you that in a mommy. 60 in antioch, good morning, sapp rose, napa. 46 degrees a piece here with 50 half moon bay. moldier readings in oakland, redwood city and mountain view with partly cloudy skies. we are looking for more partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. so we will look for some sunny breaks and i think more clouds will favor napa, sonoma, parts of marin county throughout the morning hours. but we all will see some sunshine, and then that low heads east and south, arriving on monday. here it is. it hasn't made much progress at all. but it will continue to throw in some clouds now and again. but it's also disrupting the marine layer. the low clouds are getting washed out. some high and mid-level clouds are being thrown over the bay. you may have noticed them yesterday. and then that on shore flow allowing for a slightly cooler air than what we are used to for seasonal norms this time of year to filter into the central
6:51 am
valley. 77 sacramento. weaking up to temperatures below freezing in the northern sierra. and upper 70s in los angeles today. so here is the track. it will continue to just spin over the next several days. that leaves us with clouds and sun over the weekend. but into monday notice higher elevations could pick up a few sprinkles, but by tuesday looks like it will parallel the coast and head into southern california. golden gate park for the blue grass festival looking at low 60s from 1:00 through the 4:00 hour. that's usually when we peak for high temperatures. it should be rather cool but pleasant out there. look at the mild numbers. from san francisco, half moon bay, this time of year with the marine layer applications out, it should be mild along the coast. mid-70s returning to the livermore valley. 73 in gilroy. boy, remember tonight we will -- well, this afternoon we have the blue angels with mid-60s with some sunshine. so a beautiful afternoon in the
6:52 am
city. getting ahead of myself because we are all excited about that giants game. >> yes. >> it will feature the 60s and then 50s. looking at a few degrees of cooling with a few clouds and chance of sprinkles monday and tuesday. otherwise fairly mild next week. 49,000 viewers that now liked us on facebook. >> what does that mean? >> well, it means all you people are eligible to win $49,000. >> there you have it. >> yeah. you have to enter our contest. and to do that, you have already liked us, so that's step one. step two go to and if you haven't liked us, i this i you already have, though. >> you should. >> yeah, you should and if you are watching us you probably do. we will take you to this entry form. you fill that out and then you are eligible to win. we will announce the winner october 18th right after the 49ers game on abc7. tomorrow they are playing the bills >> playing the bills. >> yeah, my hometown.
6:53 am
>> and a nice forecast i take it for that day. >> it looks good, the 60s. >> thank you very much. the new i-phone has sold millions but is it worth the money? 7 on your side's michael finney has brand new consumer report test results on the i-phone 5. it's now as fast as the fastest android phones but there are still plenty of differences. i love that. >> the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom. >> in this tv commercial, samsung makes fun of apple fans, claiming that android phones have had better features and capabilities than the i-phone 5 for ages. >> finally getting everything that we didn't get last year. >> back in the lab consumer reports put all the phones through the paces, assessing each phone's features and options. first display. everyone wants a big screen to watch movies, play games and use apps.
6:54 am
while the i-phone 5 4-inch screen is apple's biggest yet, it can't compare with the screens on many android phones. >> voice control is another area of competition. here android capabilities are quite good so they are no match tore siri who can understand and execute more complex commands. >> find me a theater that's playing a bruce willis movie. >> okay, i found some theaters not far from yonkers. >> next up. navigation. age tried has more detailed map, better traffic info and more customization. apple has a few glitches. until that is worked out android carries the day. >> with everyone using the phone to take pictures, how does it affect your apple or android choice? while both the i-phone and some android phones have the ability to take panoramic stills, consumer reports finds when it comes to photo and video quality, the i-phone 5 outperforms the android competition. >> let me check some restaurants online. >> but if you want to talk on the phone and connect to the internet over the cellular network at the same time? all 4g phones can do that and on the i-phone 5 on verizon or
6:55 am
sprint. so while the i-phone 5 gets many things right, so do a lot of the top-rated android phones, making them worth consideration. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> still to come, a hit song and dance gets even bigger. a flash mob does it alright let's break it down.
6:56 am
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